The Right Place Or The Wrong Place At The Roxy

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Well back home after a great but short trip.  You’ve been waiting so here it goes.  Morph’s unsolicited review of her first T experience.  It started out with a great trip to L.A.  Bluz and Janey welcomed us with open arms and immediately the focus turned to Taylor and the surreal feeling that I would actually see the man for myself.  Bluz and Janey being VIP left before us, while my daughter and I hung out trying to get ready.  We were raring to go and with text messages flying, off we went.  We met up with Bluz and Janey in line.  I was pointed out discreetly several of the infamous SP.  I only recognized one and that would be Ragsqueen.

 There was a mix of all ages, even some kids.  My daughter was thrilled she wasn’t the only “young” person there.  While waiting for the VIP line to open, there was a woman standing behind Bluz who looked right at me and said “Morph?”  Now this took me back a bit, I ignored her and went to the side (where the infamous vid was shot) to have a smoke.  I didn’t know who this lady was, not your typical SP and it made me a bit nervous.  Maybe the hair?  Maybe anything.  While waiting we were talking to this man standing exactly where T was in the TMZ vid (roflmao)  he asked if we were here to see Taylor, we said yeah we just drove in from Vegas.  He had this shocked look on his face, said you came all the way from Vegas to see Taylor?  I said well, not the only reason but part of it, then he said hey you have an extra ticket, I need a ticket.  I told him after we go in, I will come out and give him ours, but didn’t matter, he got in anyway.  We didn’t need them. I truly was under the impression that they were letting anyone in, tickets or not.   

We went in VIP with Bluz and went to the tables.  Several SP were there in the handicapped section.  We got looks, lots of looks.  Why the hell were we all in the VIP.  The area is very small and because seating was limited, we were told to sit at T’s table until his guests started to arrive.  This did not bode well with several members of the audience, lol, who didn’t have a clue who the hell my daugher and I were and why we were at his table.  After buying a ridiculously priced drink, Bree and I decided to set out while we waited and find a more reasonable bar.  The opening acts were good, very crowded at this point.  We left during T’s opening act and went outside for a cig and went to the Rainbow room. 

Now there is a drink and reasonably priced too.  Now being from Vegas, I’m used to being able to walk from place to place drink in hand, they kept making me dump it out when I moved between the Roxy and Rainbow Room.  Hmmm, didn’t make me happy, at one point my daughter left for the bathroom and this man bought me a drink.  I don’t know what the hell was in it, but I all of a sudden was pretty hammered.  We went back to the Roxy and I was feeling a bit woozy, went to the bathroom and while trying to shake off the effects, Bree came in and my phone went off telling me T had taken the stage.  I struggled with my balance a bit but made my way out quickly to see the man himself.    So there he was larger than life.  My first impression was yeah he is tall and OMG those eyes. Also, he is very soft spoken with very little accent.

 I missed his first song, but the reception was great.  I just watched and listened.  Of course being in my state, I had to have a cig, so I made my way outside, big mistake.  .  My daughter is frantically looking for me at this point, she grabs hold of me and gets us positioned as close to the stage as we could get.  The place is very small so we could see and hear no matter where we were then, then  she gets the eyefuck.  She told me Mom he is staring right into my eyes.  I was curious as to her reaction, but she said he has gorgeous eyes, which she does as well.  I was watching him prance around stage, he did a beautiful job.  I loved it.  Then he sang 19.  When he did the intro, I knew it was coming, but was surprised he did .  Of course I sang along (ugh) I can’t sing people and was still drunk.  The intesity of which he sang it did the usual, made me cry.  My kid assumed it was cause of the booze, but I explained that song gets to me.  It just does.  It was beautiful.  My daughter, being 21, and into rap and hip hop was trying to get into it.  She loved the Right Place as did I, tuly another beautiful song that suits him to a T, (yes I know).   BTW,  I was very disppointed, Taylor, that you did not sing “Keepin It Real”.

 At one point before he did WRIR, the crowd was thinning out majorly.  Being still a bit inebriated, I hadn’t really noticed before, but damn it really started to empty out.  Because I’m so tiny, it was hard to weasel around the “fans” at the stage so this kind man offered to kind of catapult me forward.  I got into a spot where I could really watch him and hoped for my eyefuck (damn I mean after all)    It came but very late in the show right before the finale.  Man I will tell you that man is hyper, he is all over the place, I just wanted to yell, just chill a minute and quit jumpin like a whirly dervish, (*morph ducks volleys*)  .  Then it was over and he was gone, I got worried for a moment that he wasn’t coming back for an ovation but he did, of course I missed most of that, nicotine people is a deadly drug.    My Sweet Lord  was excellent.  then he was gone again.  I was meandering around talking and didn’t noticce he had come out to the venue.  I kept saying where is Taylor and eveyrone is like he’s right there dumbass, I didn’t see him, (insert laughing face here).  Then I did , he was by the door in the back by the stage, with people around him, but he is very tall so he stood out and he had this look on his face and in his eyes.  TOTAL FUCKING DORK, dorkalicious.   

 As we started to make our way over to him, he started looking antsy and a bit rattled, not clue who or what would have caused that reaction (well go to Neverland and I’ll tell more on that subject)   but poof he was gone.  Poor Morph always just a little late, ah well guess it wasn’t meant to be.  So that’s it kids, we left the theater, drove the winding road back to Bluz’s house and had breakfast.  Now I can’t speak for Bluz, nor will I she can tell you herself her viewpoints and feelings.  I know she loved it we all did.

So the next day we went home to Ventura  County and visited some peole, decided maybe to try to hit the CD signing cause it’s on the way back to Vegas.  Gotta love Pearblossom highway, Bluz and Janey were already there when we set out.  Traffic was horrible, and mapquest fucking sucks.  We got lost and I’m stressing the kid out cause I’m like hurry he’s gonna leave.  Well after drving through “farm” country, we knew we went the wrong way, I’m frantically texting bluz, “how far”  “WTF” the last text came back, don’t worry he’s gone.  He had left early.  The turnout was o.k.  but an awkward time I think for a cd signing.  So we missed him again.  I guess we shall both remain enigma’s.  Maybe it’s better that way, maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to be. 

I can still see his eyes.

Muah!    See you in Neverland!



At last…….

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So here I am again.  I’ve kept my distance, I’ve stayed out of view.  I have been silent until now.  A lot has happened in the last 6 months since I ended the Keepin it Real blog.  That chapter of my life is gone and buried along with hard times, good times and life’s difficult  lessons.  I have had my back against a wall too often lately and yet as always somehow I survive. 

It was a long hard thought out process to start the new blog.  You guys have been asking me to come back publicly, and after a lot of soul searching and discussion, I decided what the hell.  We’ll give it a try.  I won’t be blogging until after the Roxy show.  Until I have my own perspective and my own real T experience, I just don’t think it’s right.  I’ve learned a lot about T since I took my blog down.  I am the first to admit that many times I was wrong, many times I was right.   But like with life, we learn and none of us are infallible.   I probably said things I shouldn’t have said, snapped to judgment and spoke my mind way to freely, but that is who I am.  So we will start again, on a different note, and let the chips fall where they may. 

I do miss the writing, the venting, the fun discussions, but what I don’t miss is the bashing of posters, nasty comments and people who just can’t let others say their peace.  We are all entitled to our views, so let’s just keep it that way.

So with that said, we should be up and running the end of next week I hope.  Will I become a tard???? that awaits to be seen.  But watch out LA, Morph is coming home.